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Our proprietary Ask Model

The Ask Model is formed of 39 data points designed to deliver a rigorous analysis of a charity’s 10 key performance areas, including strategy, culture, impact and innovation.

We rely on it at the beginning and the end of every grant period to:

- Make consistent, informed decisions about funding.
- Identify areas where we can add value by bringing in extra expertise or resource.
- Measure and understand the impact of our donation now and long-term.
- Forge strong relationships with our charity partners, benefiting the wider The Considered Ask community.

Our focus


The Considered Ask has a proven track record in supporting charities that focus on education, training and mental wellbeing.
We concentrate our donations in these areas because we believe this is how we can have the greatest impact on reducing social inequality in the UK.

What we have achieved to date:

The Considered Ask has to date achieved the following and we have bold ambitions for the next five years:


Researched over 300 charities using the Ask Model

Invested in 31 charities

Issued 36 grants

The Considered
Ask Team

Sophie Kingsley


Rosie Hoare

Chief Executive

Anthony Kingsley

Chief Investment Officer at Findlay Park Partners, London

INTELLIGENT  Philanthropy

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